Flagship of the Vanguard Foundation base Guardian’s Peak, the Gungnir is a custom airship designed and constructed under the supervision of famous artificer Hadron Rook, completed two years after his adventures with the Skystrider had ended. The ship is slightly larger than the Skystrider, and though it doesn’t follow any modern airship navy classifications, it would most easily classify as a corvette.

The Gungnir is a modern airship, unlike the antiquated Skystrider, though its design does feature some throwbacks to Rook’s first airship. The ship favors a mast-less, wing-based propulsion, probably because it causes the ship to rely more on its core for propulsion rather than wind, resulting in more power draw, but more reliable speed. However the helm of the Gungnir is more in keeping with modern airship design, featuring controls more appropriate for controlling a flying machine than the traditional nautical wheel. The helm, much like in the Skystrider, features a number of devices to allow for long-range communication, though they are entirely arcane based instead of psionic. The helm is also fitted with a Spelljammer, allowing the ship to make plane shifts.

Unlike the Skystrider, the Gungnir is fitted to support a crew of just over 100, and is regularly staffed by about 60 sailors aside from the officers. The Gungnir also fits 6 large cannons, 3 on each broadside, that were designed specifically for engaging other airborne targets. These “Aero Burst” cannons can be fired at ground targets, but are significantly less effective against them.

Currently the Gungnir is captained by Hadron Rook, and has Alia Dawnedge as first mate. The officers aboard include Ash, Caelestis Nailo, Eve, Norlan Donaaran, Sin (Sintera Barona), and Ten.


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