Heroes of the Sky

7 - A Fight for the Fey

((Sin (Sintera Barona)’s, Ash’s, Eve’s players were absent this session. DM machvergil played Hadron Rook to fill the missing leader role)).

Our adventure begins one extended rest after the events in Coreta. Our heroes are in the Feywild and on their way to Tower of Hallowed Eclipse. On the way Letharyis Skyedge expresses her excitement in being back in the Feywild. Captain Kenneth Raptor goes to speak to Norlan Donaaran as part of his ongoing efforts to get to know his new crew members better. He learns from Norlan about his life in the deserts of the Dry March, and discovers that Norlan’s clan has a history of service to Gahzrital’s brood dating back from before the start of the “United Age”. He sees his adventure with the Skystrider a continuation of that service, as well as an opprotunity to return fame and treasure to his clan.

During the journey the ship flies over a small forested island, thinking it safe and uninhabited. Turns out the island is home to a group of Harpies, and a raiding party assaults the airship. Our heroes dispatch the Harpies, but not before one manages to lure Ten off the edge of the ship and into the ocean below, saved only by the feather fall belt he happened to be wearing. After the battle, Caelestis Nailo leaped in after him, as the crew brought the ship into the sea to rescue them.

Hours later they approach the Tower of the Hollow Eclipse at last. A squadron of Eladrin riding blue flying drakes approach the Skystrider to learn their aims at the Tower. After speaking to the squad’s leader, he brings them to a grove near the tower where the ship lands in the lake. Rook stays behind to guard the ship while the party goes into the tower to meet with it’s lord, an Archfey named Sorethei.

Sorethei explains to the party that he has heard of their quarry, Brandis Aldrin, before. Sorethei is in fact providing him safe haven from a bunch of “dragon worshippers” who seek to kill him, in exchange for a rare eladric artifact. While Sorethei is not interested in handing Brandis over immediately, he does suggest that if our heroes deal with the invading dragon worshipers, he’ll hand over Brandis to us, as we were not the ones he told him to protect him from. Our heroes accept the job and Captain Raptor chooses Ten, Norlan, Cealestis and Rook to go out and deal with the cultists. Rook required much prodding, including Caelstis having to use her womanly charms, but he eventually agreed and went with them. Meanwhile the others made friendly with the denizens of the tower, to make sure Sorethei was on the level and ensure Brandis didn’t escape. Before leaving, Cael introduces ‘Rys to Adelion, the soldier who escorted us to the tower, as she sensed the Eladrin girl’s interest in him. She befriended him while the others went on their adventure, accidentally letting it slip that they were after the compass, and then being let down when she learned that he was already married.

The four of them wander the forests of the island, dispatching guards and avoiding blood thirsty thorns until they reached the beach head that was indeed filled with soldiers loyal to Order of the Forgotten Fang. After using the disguise hat, Cealstis convinced a small group of them to follow her into the forests so they could be picked off piecemeal. This worked great until one of the groups went to their boss to get help. This resulted in our heroes having to fight the leaders and their troops at once, but after a grueling battle they succeeded and Sorethei’s men flew in to clean up the mess.

Once back at the tower, Sorethei has already imprisoned Brandis and brought him to the throne room. He expressed his displeasure at being lied to, claiming that Brandis had said he gave the Archfey his most powerful artifact when he actually had The Arcanist’s Compass. He then stated he would allow our heroes and Brandis to fight before him “for his amusement,” and the victor would get to leave with the Compass. After the fight, our heroes were presented with the compass, with Caelstis showing she was very annoyed with being made a spectacle of.

Bringing the compass back to the ship, our heroes departed quickly, many not wishing to spend another moment in Sorethei’s tower. Caelstis and Rook bonded by the core, complaining about Eladrin, while Ten forced ‘Rys to explain how her attempts to “mate” with the Eldarin man failed, much to Vas “Ruin” Samuel’s amusement.


machvergil machvergil

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