Heroes of the Sky

Two Years have passed...

Two years have passed...

It is now winter, 362 UA.

Though repairs are nearly complete to Bahest, the city still bares scares of its battle against the Black Dragon Brood and Red Dragon Brood. Many are still mourning the loss of those who died in the attack.

Far more alarming than the horrors of two years ago however is the the changes in the Dry March since the assault ended. The unnatural desert has continued to expand outward and already small trade towns that used to exist on its fringe have dried up and become a part of the Golden Dunes. If this sudden accelerated rate of expansion continues, the Dry March will expand to the gates of Bahest in 10 years, and the Cascade Mountains 10 years after that. To make matters worse, the rivers flowing into the March from the ocean providing fertile areas are beginning to dry up, causing even the Black Dragon Brood to uproot and finally give up on their beloved homeland. Only the Draconic Wasteland maintains their touch. Rumor still circulate of Red Dragons patrolling the skies throughout the oasis and Bahest releases a general caution to all Airships that travel through the March is not advised, setting back commerce between Bahest and the Hikone Empire a bit. This doesn’t stop daring airships from trying, but more than a couple have met unfortunate ends.

The displaced people of the Logan Oasis have tried to return home only to find it dried up in little time since they’ve been gone. The spells that sustained the Oasis should have held for longer, and so promising arcanists have been sent to the Oasis to search for what happened. Little communication occurs in and out from their operations, but the general impression is that they are not having much success.

This was all concerning to people but was still only on the fringe of their minds until the “The November Nightmare” last month. An airship named Sigmatus, a former Zulick airship trying to maintain trade with Hikone, landed in Bahest with erratic behavior. No sooner did the ship land when it’s corrupted crew of aberrant horrors sprung forth from the hold and murdered all in sight. The crew was put down, but it caused a new fear of aberrant corruption and the public still hasn’t calmed from the panic the assault caused.

While to the public, the nations of Touria struggle to what to make of this phenomena, forces normally hidden from the public eye are already hard at work to counter this aberrant threat, and this group will need heroes to accomplish their ambitious mission.

Mechanics Stuff (Out of Character Info)

Our adventure will begin at level 11 with your character receiving a message (probably via the Whisper ritual) from Hadron Rook asking to meet with him at a location somewhere in the Cascade Mountains that, as best your character knows, is in the middle of nowhere. He will eagerly inform you that he’s working for a new employer, a group called the Vanguard Foundation (or just “Vanguard” for short), on a new project and he can’t wait to show it to you. He’ll even says they might have work for your character, if he/she is looking for some that is.

Once there your character will likely be recruited to assist Vanguard’s special group of heroes and influential individuals attempting to understand and stop the weakening of the Primal Spirits that is causing the Dry March to expand. I want to save more information on how exactly that goes for when we actually role play it, but I wanted to give you this much of a heads up to know what you’re going into.

In my mind, I’d like to see our enemy, at least at first, shift from dragons to the Far Realm and the Elemental Chaos, and the threat change from a threat against a nation (Bahest) to the continent, if not the world, to reflect our rising power level. That’s not to say that old foes won’t rear their ugly heads again (We have yet to deal with the Draconic Wasteland for example).

You have the two years and 2 months between session 10 and the start of session 11 to figure out how your character discovered his/her paragon path and tie up any character development lose ends you’d like to take care of. As stated, if upon reading this plot you don’t see it as being compatible with your character, or you’d like a change of pace, please feel free to take this opprotunity to roll an entirely new level 11 character. Otherwise, feel absolutely free to keep the character you have.

There will be an airship in this campaign, it will not be the Skystrider, but it will be similar in size and capability (specifically the plane shifting). Don’t be surprised if it’s a little more combat worthy but I come up with some reason why it’s weaponry can only be used for air-to-air combat so you can’t use it to auto-win any outdoor fights. Also don’t be surprised if this tier of the adventure puts you in charge of a small group of people.

There’s still a lot of details I’m still working out. If anything else relevant comes up, I’ll let you know. Please feel free to update your character’s profile here with paragon path updates or post them on the Gameknights forum.

Quick note to NEW level 11 characters (as in, you’re not continuing your old one)

You’ll be starting the game with specifically Magical +3 Armor, Magical +3 Weapon OR implement (Not BOTH), and Amulet of Protection +3, all found in PHB1. No, no other properties, just that they are +3 items. No wondrous items. You’ll also start the game with about 5,000g to represent previous adventuring success. If your character is both a weapon user and an implement caster, choose one to be a magic+3 and the other can be any +2magic item of your choice. If your character is a ritual caster, you’ll begin with all your starting rituals as well as six additional rituals of your choice of up to level 11 mastered.


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