Vanguard Foundation

Most people of Touria have never heard of the Vanguard Foundation. Those who are wealthy or wield political power have probably heard the name and are aware of some basic facts. Most people who do know of it simply refer to it as “Vanguard.”

The Vanguard Foundation was founded in 257 UA, as influencial heroes of the time grew fearful that civilization was on the verge of collapse. The heroes contributed portions of the treasures earned from adventuring to seek out great threats to civilization and stamp them out. The Vanguard claims it helped Acktavia find a cure to the plague that threatened them, provided heroes to support the dwarves during the Drow Wars, and protected the secrets of Techno-Magic so it could be brought back to life when civilization was ready for it. Some refute these claims, and indeed Vanguard lacks solid evidence to back them up, but these are the kind of things they seek to do.

The Vanguard operates in a mostly decentralized approach. When the heroes currently leading the organization see a problem worth their attention, they establish a “cell” in the region and actively recruit people and solicit funding from members to support their cause. Often they inform local government and/or work with local towns so that they are aware of the cell’s existence and perhaps can establish a cooperative relationship of resources in exchange for protection. Once the “cell” is established, it is fairly autonomous, only reporting to the leaders of the organization with progress reports or aid if something goes wrong.

Most recently the Vanguard established the “Icarus Cell” in the Cascade Mountains to research, watch, and counteract the sudden and rapid expansion of the Dry March and the possibility that said growth is the result of a major aberrant corruption. The cell is being lead by one of the leading council’s members. It also has recruited Hadron Rook as their lead Techno-Magic researcher and Ashia Treme as their primary intelligence gatherer.

Vanguard Foundation

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