Talon Peninsula

A large section of the continent of Touria, the Talon Peninsula gets its name from its curved shape. The name is what the explorers from Bahest that first mapped the region called it. By then, the Hikone Empire called the region “100 Rivers,” as a network of rivers run through the peninsula from both its north and southern coasts. Today the people of Hikone call it “Talon Peninsula” too, though their poetry and literature likes to use the name “100 Rivers” for romantic use.

True to the 100 Rivers name, a network of rivers, streams, and other waterways criscross the peninsula, providing ample ability for trade from city to city.

A smaller mountain range, called the Chillpeak Mountains, borders the peninsula on the western edge, providing a natural border between it and the Dry March. An isolated dwarven kingdom exists in these mountains, but they keep to themselves and only deal with the most adventurous of Hikone traders.

The Peninsula has a sizable human population, as well as a healthy tiefling one. It is said that Bael Turath, when it existed, was on the other side of the Chillpeaks in what is now the Dry March, and many displaced tieflings came to reside in the peninsula. The rivers provide for an even larger halfling population than Seraph does. The wetlands that the river deltas sometimes create is home to all sorts of swamp dwelling monstrosities, including lizardfolk whose form the most common threat to Imperial stability.

Talon Peninsula

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