The Raptor family’s airship, said to be a skyjammer, equipped with a magical helm capable of traveling between the planes. Currently owned and operated (or stolen based on who you ask) by Kenneth Raptor.

The ship is of medium size, small enough to only require four people to operate, large enough to stow about 20 + cargo. The ship is not a warship and tends to flee from engagements against warships or massive flying beasts.

The ship itself is actually a relic, dating back to the original techno-magic Renaissance, and was crafted by Bahest artificers, purchased by the Raptor family and brought back to Acktavia as a sign of their wealth. The year 184 UA is etched into a plaque in the captain’s chambers. It’s been refurbished, re-modeled, and re-outfitted several times since then, most recently by Hadron Rook at the behest of Duke Horace Fiddler.

In combat, the Skystrider has the following stats:

HP: 500 AC: 3 Fort: 20 Ref: 2 Speed: Fly 14(hover), overland flight 16 Attacks: See “Arcane Ballista” monster


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