The kingdom of Riddel is situated on a peninsula in the southern part of Seraph, and consists of various large cities along its roads. Several elven cities belong to the kingdom, and the royal family is primarily half-elven. Internationally they consider themselves the diplomatic counter to Acktavia human-centric policies.

Riddel originally got it’s name from the human family that founded the kingdom. Over time, the Riddel family lost power to the Baroque family in a succession struggle, but the region from which the kingdom originated maintained the name. The young kingdom had strong ties with the Elven nation of Ossalelth, each coming to each others aid in times of crisis. Eventually, one of the elven nation’s princesses married into the Baroque family, and this created the first half-elven royal family of Riddel. The resulting marriage was also a union of the two nations, and the mutual goals of both peoples continued.

While the royal families of Riddel are typically half-elven, and half-elves are more common in Riddel than anywhere else, they are still rare. By and large Riddel consists of Human communities and Elven communities and each community plays a different part in meeting the demands of the nation. The Elven communities provide the kingdom with much needed resources from the forests, and oversee human lumber efforts, while the human communities grow much of the nation’s food and import various goods the Elves need to do their job, like metal ores from the Cascade mountains.

The current capital city of Riddel is Piata, though the original capital was said to have been closer to the northern coast, in territory currently held by Acktavia.

Riddel maintains positive relations with pretty much every other nation except Acktavia. The people of Riddel feel that having an open mind about other peoples and cultures is important to part of being a just and fair nation and Acktavia’s pro-human agenda enrages them, sometimes irrationally. While most nations have to go a long way to spark ire from the kingdom, it takes little for Acktavia to rise your average Riddle citizen into wanting to grab a sword and invade the island.

The sub-continent of Seraph hosts a number of migrating Halfling bands. These bands, while not officially a part of the kingdom, are also critical to the flow of goods and services across the kingdom. They may be independent, but the halflings of Seraph are more than welcome in a Riddel city.


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