Queen Hannah

A previous generation “airship-of-the-line,” the Queen Hannah has been temporarily taken off active duty to be in the service of Captain Korin Tyson, Acktavian Bounty Hunter. The ship and her crew’s current mission is the apprehension of Kenneth Raptor and the return of the Skystrider to Duke Fiddler.

The Queen Hannah is armed with 20 ArcFire cannons on its broadsides. These weapons channel a second elemental core’s power to fire flame attacks at other airships that dissipate if the shots fall a certain distance to prevent unintended collateral damage to the ground below. The ship is capable of a pitched turn maneuver that will allow it to assault land targets if the crew chooses. The ship hosts a compliment of 50 soldiers in addition to its regular crew of 20.

In combat, the Queen Hannah has the following stats:

HP: 500 AC: 3 Fort: 20 Ref: 2

Speed: Fly 12(hover), overland flight 14


ArcFire Cannon: 20 Ranged. +5 vs AC: Deals 1d10+5 Fire damage and 5 ongoing fire damage. There are 10 cannons on each broadside. Each cannon requires a gunner to operate and power from the ship’s core. Up to two cannons can fire per turn.

Broadside Assault: The Queen Hannah fires all of its cannons on one broadside in a single round (there must be a gunner stationed at each cannon at time of firing). This action is “Recharge 3”

Queen Hannah

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