The Hikone Empire is the sweeping nation that covers the entirety of the Talon Peninsula. The empire itself is ruled over by a family of humans that fought long and hard to unite the disparate tribes of humans, halflings, elves, and teiflings in the region. Once this unity was achieved, the empire grew, swallowing nearby kingdoms into itself, some through peace, others through conquest. The empire has a history of civil conflict, often because one family tries to take over dynastic rule over another.

The capital city of Hikone is the Imperial City of Rosaria.

The empire has pleasant trade relations with the kingdoms to the west, although at this point they stay more or less out of each others affairs. The Lawman’s Road serves as the main artery for this trade, which Hikone troops and mercenaries gladly spend their lives protecting caravans across the land, trading with Riddel, Moraz’Dun, and Bahest. Acktavia doesn’t directly trade with Hikone, though their trades with Riddel and Bahest often provides opportunities to get exotic Hikone goods. There’s also a slowly growing airship trade that provides faster, though more dangerous, trade between Bahest and Hikone.

The Hikone Empire has a much larger population than either Acktavia or Riddel.

For the last 100 years the Setawa Dynasty has held imperial rule, a human dynasty that seized power peacefully from the Melorath elven Dynasty installed by Bahest after the Warlock Crisis. Other famous dynasties include the Tiefling Baelrune Dynasty that conquered the Empire during the Warlock Crisis of 234UA, and the Yuu Dynasty which was the human family who originally unified the kingdom in 45 UA.

In 360 UA, the Gargant Tribe joined the Empire as a new clan. They consist primarily of Shifters, though they count several non-shifters who were also enslaved by the WeiShu Clan who have no homes otherwise.


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