Cascade Mountains

The Cascade Mountain range divides the eastern most edge of the continent of Touria from the rest of it. The range runs from the northern most coast of the continent to its southern most point where the range continues into the continent of Haspia. It is home to many mountain dwelling people, including at one time several dwarf kingdoms, and unknown number of Goliath tribes, and a few monstrous settlements. Deep below the surface of the mountains however its winding tunnels connect into Touria’s Underdark, in which one will find the typical dangers lurking such as Drow, Mind Flayers, and Formians.

The Cascade mountains is an uninterrupted range except at one point where the range mysteriously descends into a fertile valley known as Moradin’s Pass. This valley is a place of reverence for the Dwarves and as such it has been neutral for the dwarven kingdoms for some time. To this day, Moraz’Dun enforces this neutrality and has blocked efforts by both Riddel and Bahest to expand their borders into it.

Through the pass goes the Lawman’s Road, a long uninterrupted road system maintained by several empires and kingdoms that connects the capital of Riddel to the capital of Hikone. It is by this road that much international trade occurs, and its protection is foremost in the mind of many dwarven mercenaries and armies as the nation of Moraz’Dun is just as dependent upon the goods that flow here as other kingdoms are of the ore and rare gems that flow out. While no nation, not even Acktavia would risk hurting this trade, Giants and other monsters can be a problem on the parts of the road that go through Moradin’s Pass. Moraz’Dun maintains a special forces unit, called the Titan Slayers who are dedicated to protecting the pass from such foes.

While the current status of the Underdark is unknown, every dwarf is taught to recognize the symbols of House Kaesarel, the drow house that lead the invasion in 250 UA. While the house itself was no more dangerous to the dwarves, what is concerning is their ability to apparently rally other Drow houses to a single cause, something that normally doesn’t happen since the race’s constant in-fighting normally keeps them in check. If the dwarves start to see signs of drow raiders organized by House Kaesarel, the whole kingdom goes on alert.

Cascade Mountains

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