Bahest is an ancient city originally founded by the Dragons when they commanded the continent in a single empire. The city gets the root of its name from Bahamut. Bahest was the capital of said empire, and all races served the Dragons and their Dragonborn. The empire eventually collapsed due to in-fighting between the various dragon broods, as well as ongoing assaults from chromatic dragons loyal to Tiamat, and the empire they built collapsed entirely.

The second time the city was founded it was founded by the Gold Dragon brood in an effort to reunify the broods. Not much is known by mortals from this time as most of the mortal races were off starting their own kingdoms and empires independent of Draconic influence.

The third time the city was founded it was the result of the end of conflicts between Gahzrital’s brood and a rival red dragon named Sorezah. The red dragon was over come with the help of a human kingdom called Sulhaad, and this alliance went on to create a state in the ruins of Bahest. It is this re-founding of the city that still stands today.

City Architecture

Most of the city is rebuilt from modern materials like stone, iron and wood, but the design of the structures dates back to ancient times before humans built their first castles. While personal homes mimic the architecture of the people who live there, most public places are grand open spaces, built to be large enough to allow a Dragon to enter if he/she so chose to. Sculpted into the walls are often symbols of draconic power, be it the elements of their various breaths, shapes resembling their wings, brick patterns resembling scales, or building with dragon-head shaped sculptures overlooking the corners.

The city is built around a center spire of Stone whose sheer size is a marvel of engineering. The spire contains what remains of Gahzrital’s brood, which is several dragons of various age.

Around the spire are various districts of differing economic classes. No one race in particular is more common than the other in the districts, although humans and dragonborn are the most common in the city in general. Most civilized races have a strong enough presence in the city that no one is surprised to see them, save for the most rare of races. That’s not to say that all races are trusted – the expected weariness people have for Tieflings, Drow, and Changelings and other typically monstrous races still apply in Bahest.


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