The Acktavians hail from a large island off the coast of Seraph of the same name. Humans make up the majority of humanoid life on the island, and as such have human interests primarily in mind. They are not complete xenophobes, but its no secret that Acktavian leadership would sooner see all other races put to service humans or be subjects to the Acktavian crown. Otherwise the Acktavians are a pleasant people, if a little elitist, and value justice, peace, and learning.

The island of Acktavia is 90% populated by humans, and most of the non-humans are races considered by most to be “monsters.” What slight populations there are of non-humans are the random immigrant or traveling merchant.

The Acktavians have a history of conflict with the Kingdom of Riddel. Riddel often likes to make Acktavia out to be the the villain in their conflicts siting Arcktavia’s humans first policies as evil. Despite this, while individual Acktavians may be guilty of such actions, the nation as a whole has never sanctioned or supported genocidal or racist international agendas. Within the nation the royal family and nobles are all humans, but this is more to do with the population balance of their island than any large scale scheme to keep it that way.

Acktavia enjoys a long history of stability, very rarely suffering civil conflict. The same three royal blood lines have had peaceful transitions of power through marriage for over 400 years now.

The Acktavia is currently ruled by King Edward Davis II and his wife Queen Elisa. They rule from within Arblast Keep within the capital city of Doryn.


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