Heroes of the Sky

2 - Getting Shipshape
Skystrider: Session 2

((For reference, Sin and Karlsvanberg (Karl)’s players did not attend this session in its entirety. Ash and Eve’s players have joined the campaign.))

Our party gathers around the corpse of Kenneth Raptor and along with the crew ponder our next move. After an emotional outburst from Claudia Aspiria, it decided that we will go to the nearby town of Shorne, and try to find clerics to resurrect the dead captain. Upon arriving in town, a temple to Bahamut provides them a place to try the ritual. It works, at first, but then rather than being raised a Smokey apparition appears, identifying himself as “Lord Vyse Endshade, sword of Orcus, bane of the Raven Queen.” He claims that he is holding the captain’s soul hostage and will release it in exchange for the Skystrider. Our heroes resolve to stop him, if for nothing else than because he’s an Orcus loving, hater of the Raven Queen. A Gentle Repose is cast upon his body and he is taken to the captain’s quarters to lie until the party can achieve their goals.

There’s a catch though. The ship’s skyjammer helm was damaged in a fight against someone the crew calls “Tyson,” and needs 5000g worth of materials to be repaired. Without it, they can still fly, but they can’t travel to another plane, which they’ll need to get to Lord Endshade in the Shadowfel, let alone the Feywild to find the The Arcanist’s Compass.

The following morning our heroes wander into the town of Shorne again looking for work. On the job board they find a bounty placed on nearby goblins serving someone named “Fingersnapper”, as well as a bounty for a rogue wizard from Ever Spire named Hyleth Runemane. Our heroes find the goblins hiding out the Bael’eth Ruins, to dispatch the goblins. On the way, they meet up with Eve and Ash, shifters who are also searching for the Arcanists Compass. Together they confront the goblins and find them aided by the undead. Somehow Runemane has taken control of them, and now uses them to his own sinister ends. After several harrowing battles, our party defeats both Fingersnapper (twice after Runemane reanimates him) and Runemane, and collect the bounties from both.

They wander back to the ship, recruiting Ash and Eve on their quest, and have reduced the repair costs 3,840g. With any luck, they can pay off the rest of this repair bill soon. . .

1 - Goodnight Captain
Skystrider: Session 1

While on the search for work, our heroes are contacted telepathically by someone from the Skystrider. She invited them to come to the Savvy Sow tavern in a couple of days to see about joining the crew as new hires. After arriving at the tavern and making friendly with each other, our heroes are introduced to captain Kenneth Raptor and the one who contacted them, Claudia Aspiria.

Ken interviews the party one by one, and then offers them a job to prove their effectiveness. For 200g each, our heroes can work together to retrieve a painting from stolen by a local minor crime lord named Roger Furdon. Through searching the town and asking questions, our heroes find his secret warehouse, and convince his minions to allow them in. Roger doesn’t fall for it however, and our heroes are forced to strike down his guards and his powerful half-orc bodyguard. The painting is saved and Roger is slain for continuing to run his mouth.

As our heroes bring the painting back to Ken, he and asks the party to walk with him. The painting is returned to the grateful young woman it was stolen from and a portion of her payment to Ken is used to pay our heroes. Ken then explains to our heroes the reason for him hiring them: A member of the dragon Gahzrital’s brood contacted his ship about the retrieval of an artifact called “The Arcanist’s Compass.”

Our heroes board the Skystrider and are briefly introduced to the crew before they take off from Bahest. They only make it a little bit out of town however a strange assailant makes her appearance and uses the element of surprise to shove Ken off the ship, causing him to fall to his death. The ship’s crew are forced to assist in keeping the ship aloft while our party defeats the assailant. Before she can be captured, she uses her considerable agility to escape and leap willingly from the ship. Her fate is unknown. After a few hours of searching our heroes find the corpse of the captain and take it aboard. Our adventure ends with our heroes wondering what to do next now that their new would-be employer lies dead at their feet…

Session zero (Set up)
Pre-game talk

Our adventure will begin on the continent of “Touria.” At the center of this continent is a massive city state called “Bahest.” It is a powerful city-state, a center of culture, trade and learning. It is lead by a very old Gold Dragon named Gahzrital (Gahz-rit-al), and is populated by all manners of people. To the west, on the other side of the Cascade Mountains, lies the Sub-continent of “Seraph,” where two primarily human kingdoms, Acktavia and Riddel, vie for dominance in an on-going struggle that’s currently in a peaceful state.

The setting is more or less at Eberron technology level, so still fantasy, but people are starting to figure out how to power machinery using magic. Still no guns though.

There’s more to the world than this, including a vast and dangerous desert, another empire to the East, and several unexplored continents, but this should be enough to get your feet wet.

Our Heroes

Your character can be any class published currently in an official D&D product, be it a Dragon Article, or a book. This includes classes from Eberron and Forgotten Realms. Your character’s race is restricted only to player-races presented in the following books: Player’s Handbook 1 and 2, Eberron and Forgotten realms. I would prefer not to have to deal with Kalashtar from Eberron or the PHB 3 races, but if you make a good case for your character, I might allow it. Setting specific feats like Spellscars or Dragonmarks are not allowed without good reason.

The adventure will begin in the massive city-state of Bahest, and will start out primarily concerning itself with the sub-continent of Seraph. Your character can be from other parts of the continent, if you wish.

In party planning, assume I am not playing. I will not roll something to balance your party. I probably won’t have a single dedicated character, though I will have a number of NPCs I can fall back on in the event someone is absent from a session, at which point my NPC will fill their void. In the event that someone else DMs, I’ll decide in advance which character I will play in that session.

As session one begins, your character has chosen to become an adventurer. You don’t have a nailed down party yet, though if you wish you can choose to have met members of the party before and possibly made an agreement to collaborate ahead of time. Your search for gainful employment has drawn you to the massive city of Bahest, figuring you’d have the best chance to hear of work opportunities in this legendary city. In your search you have heard of a Captain Ken Raptor who claims to be the captain of an airship. Rumor on the street is he’s on the lookout for dedicated adventurers to aid him and his crew as “extra muscle.” You have arranged to meet him at the Savvy Sow’s Tavern in the middle district of Bahest.


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