Acktavian Paladin of Bahamut, previously assigned to the Queen Hannah


Monster stats used “Jaryn, Human Paladin” from Dungeon Magazine 155


Zackary Parker is a member of the Holy Knights of Acktavia, Order of Bahamut. Zack is a younger Paladin, in his very early twenties, still very much eager to prove himself in the eyes of his Order and his Nation. He believes very strongly in the tenants of justice and feels that his station as a defender of Acktavia simply gives him a convenient way to further his god’s goals.

Zackary originally planned to become a town guard for his home town of Whitecrest, Acktavia. It struck him as honest work and a wonderful way to maintain peace in his homeland. However he ran afoul some mercenaries from out of town who were behaving out of line and was horribly injured. Zack wondered the streets injured and would have bleed to death had he not been found by a visiting dragonborn cleric of Bahamut.

The cleric, who was in town for a short time to visit the local temple to the platinum dragon, introduced the tenants of his god to the young man. Using his divine magic, he brought Zack back into fighting shape. Together they found the mercenaries’ local hide out and brought them to justice. After that the cleric went on his way, but he left on Zackery a powerful impression that drove him to turn in his goals as a town guard and enlist in the Acktavian Royal Military.

Zackary worked long and hard and persevered to become accepted by the the Holy Knight’s Bahamut Order. There he trained for many years, finding a fancy to the bastard sword and heavy shield. In time he would become a full paladin and begin his service in earnest aboard important trade vessels, protecting them from pirates.

Recently, Zackary was selected by Sister Warcross to accompany her on a mission aboard the recently decommissioned Queen Hannah. He at first relished the opportunity to defeat the “villainous” airship thief Kenneth Raptor, but his encounter with Ten and the other heroes of the Skystrider made him waver in his devotion. Currently he is a prisoner to the Skystrider’s crew, and has aided them in a couple of adventures now to save the Gargant Tribe, leading the Acktavian ground forces himself during the assault on Serpent Fang Fortress. He has a difficult decision to make in the near future regarding to whom he feels most loyal to – the tenants of his god, or the crown he swore to protect.


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