Sister Warcross

Special Forces Paladin assigned to the Queen Hannah, worships Kord


Monster Stats used “Shadowbane” from Dungeon Magazine 171


Sister Warcross is a member of the Holy Knights of Acktavia, part of the Order of Kord.

Her birth name is Alexis Nadia. She was born in the farming community of Saleos, Acktavia into a large farming family. She spent many years tending the fields with her older and younger siblings. One day, an upstart hobgoblin warlord chose her community to begin his new revolt against the crown. Like all hobgoblin revolts on Acktavia, it was put down long before too much damage could be done, but rather than hide inside with her sisters, Alexis felt compelled to stay in the fields and help hold off the goblins with pitch forks and scythes alongside her brothers and father until the military came to help. The following night, Kord appeared to her in a dream, congratulating her for her might and calling her to put it to use in the protection of the innocent. When she told her parents, they began to save up immediately to pay her way into the process of becoming a warrior for Kord.

For all of her teenage years, Alexis’ goal was to join the Holy Knights in Kord’s name. The thought never occurred to her that Kord would call her to any other service. Her experience with the scythe in the fields drew her to the polearm in her martial training, though she found she enjoyed swordplay nearly as much. At the end of her long trials, she entered into the Order of Kord and, as was tradition, took on the name and mantle of one of the Knights of Old, given the title “Sister Warcross.”

In her career with Acktavia she’s served faithfully to both god and crown, protecting towns from goblin incursions, setting border skirmishes with Riddel, and even working with guardians on important airships. Over time she’s risen up to the rank of “Knight Commander,” which gives her the ability to command small task groups of Knights on special assignments. On her third assignment, she was sent aboard the Queen Hannah to assist Korin Tyson with the apprehension of Kenneth Raptor. She was given leave to choose one other Knight to accompany her, and selected the promising but inexperienced Zackary of the Order of Bahamut.

The operation with Korin did not go as she’d liked. His methods seemed brutal to her, and for the first time she found her orders from the crown in conflict with her calling from her god. Still driven to be a good soldier she ignored until her encounter with Ten and the other heroes aboard the Skystrider. Now she and Zackery are prisoners of the crew, and contemplating their options as surely neither would have a happy homecoming after the results of their failed mission.

Sister Warcross

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