"Limited Edition" warforged paladin of the Raven Queen


Base Stats: Str 16+2, Wis 16, Con 12+2, Cha 12, Int 10, Dex 8


Created originally by the arcane wizards who followed Ravekai lead by a man by the name of Brandis Alltway (not to be confused with Brandis Adrin), 10 of 36 was created for war. Thirty-six warforged were created by the worshippers of Ravekai, himself being the tenth one. His group of warforged created primarily as an experiment in life magic manipulation and possible infiltration into Bahest. When created these warforged were told of their birth and informed that worship and protection to Ravekai could bring about more experimentation and possibly immortal life through undead magic. Willing to live their lives and themselves worried about what happens to humanoid created beings after death, gave them purpose to their life and so dutifully took to their tasks. Being more experimentation though their was the occasional strange behavior. Most were not familiar with life, being less then a year old, and so many had boughts of peculiar actions. Due to these “bugs” the wizards instilled the warforged life essence inside of magical items so that they were able to “shut down” the warforged, essentially putting them in a coma-like state, a fail-safe for the worst case scenarios.

During the period of months of creation and training, the warforged were shaped for fighting and other assorted tasks. Ten, as he was called by number much like the other warforged, grew to enjoy his life of service. Given purpose he was, as far as he could tell of emotions, happy.

During this time, an elven agent of the Raven Queen, Ashia Treme, had learned of the warforged creation and servitude to Ravekai. Believing it to be against the desire of the Raven Queen, she infiltrated the sect in attempts to learn more about Ravekai and the deeds going on. While being able to slip into their ranks, she was given the task of interacting and maintaining the warforged. She eventually grew to be friends with a few of them, Ten included. Over the few weeks there she accidentally let slip that she was an agent of the Raven Queen to Ten. Ten, having grown appreciative of her services and not really knowing of the intricacies of the gods (as his creators believed there was no need), made no action to inform his creators. To him it was irrelevant, she assisted in helping him become a better creation and finish his goals, why should it matter if she worships another god? He was curious about this queen of the dead though and began to ask questions, wishing to increase his knowledge of the afterlife. Seeing this as a possible way to have the warforged help overthrow his masters and destroy the vile place, she agreed on the condition that he not tell his creators of this. Ten, thinking about this, stated the information was irrelevant to them, as he was primarily created and primarily trained for combat and believed it was not likely they would inquire about such a topic. She did not mention her plans of destroying the place though and believed that that information would come after winning over Ten’s beliefs.

As the days past, slowly Ashia won over Ten, as well as other warforged to believe in the Raven Queen. However before too long her plans were discovered and Brandis and his followers quickly took to the task of dispatching her. It was at this time that they learned that she had gained allies out of the warforged, as well as a handful of others in the sect. A bloody battle ensued killing many of the wizards and followers as well as most of the warforged. As Ashia, Ten and what remained of the allies began their escape, they were confronted with one final fight. Brandis had brought to battle the items holding the essence of the remaining warforged. One last battle ensued as he attempted to remove their life one last time. As the battle looked to go in favor of Ten and Ashia, Brandis was able to produce the item that held sway over Ten’s life and effectively shut him down.

115 years passed…

The last thing Ten remembered was a battle between followers of Ravekai and Ashia, himself, and their allies. It was but just a moment ago to him. Now as he awoke, the place he was at hardly resembled the battle field he was in. All around it looked to be a ruin of the place before. Before him stood a female human who introduced herself as Caelestis Nailo. Informing him that she had resurrected him through the power of the Raven Queen, Ten was quite perplexed. Looking around the immediate area, he found the abandoned item that had held his life essence though it looked inert. Ten, quite grateful of her bringing him back though not sure how it was possible, informed her of what he knew. She told him of how much time had passed since then and Ten was not quite sure what to make of this. Not knowing what to do, Caeles informed him that she right now was set on what was originally an impossible task. Ten reasoned he owed Caeles and, not having another task set before him, agreed to assist her. With his help, Caeles accomplished her task and returned to the church of the Raven Queen. At this point, job complete, Ten requested assistance in deciding what to do next. He asked the church if they knew of Ashia or Brandis. They were not familiar with Ashia but also admitted they were not familiar with every member of the church and it could quite possibly be she resided from further away. Being an elf and quite young at the time, Ten and the others reasoned she might be alive somewhere. As for Brandis, they knew of the sect but it had long since perished, no doubt due to Ashia and her efforts and believe Brandis with them. The warforged was unsure of where to start. At this point he offered his assistance to Caeles and the church, now having no master. They told him he was no longer a slave to anyone and his will was free to do with what he wanted.

Believing in the Raven Queen from what Ashia had told him and taking Caeles’s ability of the Raven Queen to resurrect him as a sign, Ten requested he be inducted into the church. His experience of having 115 years pass and it hardly being a flash in his memory made him come to grips with permanently dieing someday. He believed that while he had no master anymore he was a slave to life and that when it ended there was nothing for his kind. In addition all he was trained for was fighting and battle, which made his life even shorter as he would no doubt return to using these skills. He opted to serve the church and request training. Serving the Raven Queen gave him his best bet for attaining some possible after life. Additionally he was still curious about what had possibly happened to Ashia. The woman had changed his life and he felt it necessary to know that if she lived that he owed her.

Ten choose the path of the paladin, believing his current skills were best suited to that path. It took him considerably less time then most humanoids do to finish his training, as being a warforged he felt there was little else to do and it was the current task at hand to finish.

With his training completed, he set to mind his next task: finding Ashia. At this point, with no leads, he teamed up with Caeles believing their combined skills would offer his best chance not to mention that he believed he owed the woman who brought him back to life. With a goal in mind and the teachings of the Raven Queen, he set out with his friend looking to find his lost ally from the past and serving the Raven Queen however she saw fit to guide him.

Personality and Appearance

Ten wears his silver armor almost excusively as most of it is is embedded in him. Embedded on his chest is the magical item that once held sway over his life. Ten himself treats all people he meets equally, eventully coming to a decision of wether to trust them or not through time. He has a strong since of commitment and friendship and always repays his debts.


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