Sin (Sintera Barona)

Sin wears many faces; but never her own.


Sintera Barona Character Sheet


Sin grew up in the countryside surrounding Piata, the capital city of Riddel. Her father, an ore importer working the trade route between the Cascade Mountains and Piata’s vast community, kept her concealed until she was old enough to venture out with him on his trips, having found no one that he trusted to keep a close eye on her. It wasn’t just that Sin was special; no. It was that Sin was constantly in danger of discovery, and so the first thing her father taught her was to conceal her true nature.

Throughout her younger years, Sin was known as Liasin Jerralt, a young blonde girl with a quick smile and intelligent blue eyes. She showed a keen interest and promise in the performing arts, and after a time became a regular installment along the ore-trading route, earning money for herself and her father by singing and acting at various taverns, inns and festivals. She became somewhat known for her young talent around the time she turned sixteen, and there wasn’t a tavern-minder along Lawman’s Road that didn’t at least know of her name.

At one such performance, it was discovered by a very observant warlock that Liasin was not a human girl at all, but a changeling, and she was immediately accused of taking the life of the “real” Liasin Jarralt. The only problem with this was that there was no real Liasin, given the fact that the name and face were only a means to protect her true identity. In the resultant chaos, she was separated from her father and only narrowly escaped the warlock and his party, whose names she never learned. Her identity had been compromised, and to continue on as her father’s child any longer would clearly have been folly, so after secretly visiting him to say goodbye she set off on her own with a generous purse filled with her old earnings to seek a new life in the city-state of Bahest, where she might be able to easily blend in with the crowds—or better yet, disappear.

Sin first made her appearance in Bahest two months later as Sintera Barona, a clever young woman with red hair, freckles and flashing green eyes. She claimed to be from an outlying farming village and looking for work inside the city. While there, it seemed that she had trouble holding down a job; she would begin working, become paranoid that someone would find her out, and then eventually quit with little more money than when she’d started, resulting in her living in near-poverty for the better part of her young adult years in Behest.

But the city-state is such a big place that she was able to develop and maintain other personas as well, among them a young half-elven woman named Asinte, an eladrin woman named Siniel, and occasionally a dwarven man named Thorsin. Because of her extensive employment history Sin has become a jack of many trades, but for every namesake and story she has invented, there was always ever one constant; she goes by “Sin.”

Sin (Sintera Barona)

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