Norlan Donaaran

Bronze Dragonborn Sorceror


Norlan is the youngest child of the former chieftess of the Donaaran clan. His clan is a small largely nomadic dragon bonded clan living in the Dry March east of the city that claims to have been bonded to Gahzrital’s brood since the times of the original Draconic Empire when they were the ruling clan of a trade city founded by a dragonborn member of the clan named Donaar. The city and even its name has been lost to time, reducing the status of his clan significantly, though the clan still tells tales of it and has dreams of refounding the city.

Being the youngest child of the chief, his older brother received most of the family goods and the position of chieftain when his mother stepped down from her place as chieftess. With what they’ve given him and the sorcerous power of the awakened dragon blood in his veins, he’s set out to make his own fortune and to spread the fame and honor of his clan as an adventurer. He plans on returning to his clan once he gets older with his money and power, to build their strength, and hopefully pass on his legacy to children of his own. He has hopes of finding artifacts or the lost city of his people as well.

Norlan Donaaran

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