Enigmatic Leader of the Order of the Forgotten Fang


Enigmatic leader of the Order of the Forgotten Fang, "M"’s true identity is currently unknown. A captured member of the order revealed that M serves as the organization’s sole contact to the Black Dragon Brood. The captured member suggested that “M” may in fact be a code-name for the position, and that anyone who assumes the leadership role fills this identity, so there could be any number of "M"s.

Whoever “M” is, he/she is the one who appears to be calling the shots for the Order, and the Order believes it serves the Dragon Brood through M’s instructions.

In Session 10 it is revealed that Phosta is “M” and he makes an attempt to slay our party to stop them from brining The Arcanist’s Compass to Gahzrital. He is slain for his efforts.


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