Lydia Sareal

Eladrin wizard


Lydia Sareal is a powerful eladrin wizard of 130 years of age. The crew of the Skystrider has had some run ins with her in the past year that resulted in them not getting along. Despite bad relations with the crew she has never shown direct aggression or malcontent towards them. Due to the evil wizard take over of her hometown of Oldsbek, she had a run in with a wizard who cursed her with the body of a 12 year old. This wizard also happened to be in possession of the the Arcanist’s Compass and so the Skystrider’s away party met up with her to acquire info on him (see Skystrider Session 5 for more info). She is fairly displeased with her current body situation and hands over what info she knows to help them.

After Brandis was defeated it was discovered by her that while her age has been restored, her arcane power has been drained in it’s place. It is detected too late though and she has been left as a fledgling wizard. Her butler Richard and her investigate this further and make various discoveries as to how Brandis got this spell and where her arcane energy was siphoned off too (see Session 15 for more info).

Lydia Sareal

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