Hadron Rook

Engineer aboard the Skystrider, a Human Artificer


On 338 UA, Hadron Rook would tell you a miracle occurred. He was born.

This sounds arrogant but by some accounts there’s truth to his statement. Hadron’s mother, Elisa Rook was the teenage illegitimate lover of an adventurer, and when the adventure’s wife found out, the druid plotted to kill them both. After nine agonizing months of fleeing across the Seraph sub-continent, from Bahest, Hadron’s mother finally arrived in Boreaff, a prosperous city in Acktavia, where her aunt and uncle let her move in and care for her and her new son. There she worked a number of jobs from cook to maid to bartender to help support her son and pay for his education.

Hadron was fascinated by the arcane at a young age. Elisa was aided in her flight by a human wizard named Anders, whom she eventually married, and the wizard helped guide Hadron’s training even more in the arcane. Hadron’s dedicate gradually turned from classical magic and more towards the study of using magic to power machinery. With Anders’ guidance, he built his first elemental animus at age 9.

The trouble was Hadron and his family didn’t live in a good part of town, and so Hadron constantly found himself ending up with the wrong crowd, either getting into fights he couldn’t win or getting caught on the wrong side of the law. When he was 12, he was caught mixed up with a group of kids seeking to vandalize the local noble’s house, Duke Horace Fiddler. Fiddler took it easy on the kids, allowing them to escape normal punishment or fine in return for helping in stead repair and beautify his estate, which could use the attention. It was during this time of service that Hadron encountered Skystrider for the first time, the ship still in disrepair from it recent destruction when it was taken from the Raptor family. As his service ended, Hadron made the Duke an offer: he’d repair the ship for half the cost the nearest machine shop would offer, and he promised to maintain the ship’s aged look in the process. Duke Fiddler took the offer, and Hadron found himself a job.

It took Hadron six years to complete repairs to the Skystrider, which was longer than the Duke had expected, but he made Hadron make up for it in other ways. Improvements were made to the Duke’s other airship as well during this time, and he saw more value in making a loyal laborer out of Hadron than treating him as a slave. When the Skystrider was completed, Hadron was hired on full-time as its engineer, and was paid enough money to help his mother and step-father move into a better part of town, and afford to hire a tutor from Bahest to help continue and expand his research. In 356 UA he published his first manuscript on airships, and wrote extensively about the Skystrider itself, omitting the bits about it being stolen from the fallen Raptor family of course.

The next year Kenneth Raptor and Claudia Aspiria completed their nine year plan to take back the ship from under Duke Fiddler’s nose. With blade drawn and Psionic powers in effect, they forced their new crew to fly the ship out of Acktavia and in Riddel before they allowed their imprisoned crew to go. Ken and Claudia expected to have to hire an engineer for their ship, but to their surprise Hadron stayed with them, explaining that wherever the Skystrider went, he went, and they’d have to deal with it. They made a deal to keep Hadron on that was lucrative for him (so long as the ship made money) and was liberating from the orders of Duke Fiddler.

Today, Hadron is 22 years old and known in arcane circles as a potential brilliant mind in techo-magic that many hope he some day stops adventuring and does research full-time in the spires of Bahest to share his findings with all. For now, they will have to wait patiently, because the skies call to him and each port provides him a new opportunity to learn new things, purchase new materials to tinker with, and bed with exotic beauties.

Hadron Rook

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