Duke Horace Fiddler

Acktavian Nobelman with a history with the Skystrider


Born Horace Fiddler in Boreaff, Acktavia in 308 UA, he became Duke of the Alrotase province in 336 UA after his father died suddenly of a stroke. The Fiddler family has ruled the province since the mid 200s UA when the entire previous ruling family died from the plague. Their lands once included what is now the Hartsfont province before it was given to the Raptor family in recognition for their service leading a successful Orc purge campaign after a splinter group was pushed off the mainland by Riddel hold outs. The Fiddler family has resented the Raptors since.

Fiddler was the owner of the Skystrider when it was “stolen” by Kenneth Raptor and Claudia Aspiria. Technically, Hadron Rook is still his employer and as far as the Duke is concerned the artificer was kidnapped by Raptor and is still holding him hostage, forcing him to maintain the ship. Fiddler considers the airship part of his spoils for “liberating” the Hartsfont province, and has sent Korin Tyson to retrieve it. Fiddler has even used his political and financial clout to secure a decommissioned Acktavian ship-of-the-line for Tyson to use in his hunt called the Queen Hannah. He has yet to learn of the events of Session 8, in which our heroes subdued Tyson and secured the Queen Hannah for themselves.

Duke Horace Fiddler

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