Vyse Endshade

Self proclaimed sworn of Orcus, Bane of the Raven Queen


A young black dragon disguising himself as a Humanoid ruler of a Fortress in the Shadowfell. Slain by the crew of the Skystrider


Lord Endshade appeared before the crew of the Skystrider while attempting to resurrect their dead captain, Kenneth Raptor. He claims to be holding the captain’s soul hostage and wants the Skystrider for himself. All that was known about him at the time was he resided in a temple in the Shadowfell, located in a region called the Aeldim Cliffs.

Turns out this temple was more a fortress. The crew of the Skystrider confronted Lord Endshade to return Raptor’s soul to him. During the confrontation, Endshade revealed his true identity as a Young Black Dragon. He never revealed his alliances, but he seemed to know much about Gahzrital and our hero’s quest for the The Arcanist’s Compass. He was slain in his fortress, the deathblow delivered by Ten, leading the fortress to crumble beneath the weight of some unleashed magic. ((See Skystrider Session 4 for more info))

Vyse Endshade

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