Acktavian Rogue, formerly served on the _Queen Hannah_


Monster stats based off the RPGA monster “Berdine Gaelle” – See D&D Compendium


Acktavian mercenary who took work from Korin Tyson during his hunt for the Skystrider. Cindy Elizabeth McDougal has history with many mercenary groups, though she seems to have problems staying in with a particular group. Still she is known among Acktavian mercs and adventures and those who hire her for her rough fighting style and smart mouth. She also has a reputation for being a bit… promiscuous…

A little more than two years after being dropped off in Eursia, Cindy reappeared in the mountains near Guardian’s Peak at the head of a band of ogres, ettins, and traitorous guards from the Vanguard Foundation, plotting destroy the mountain stronghold and take her revenge on the party that left her in the doomed desert town. Despite her new-found vampiric powers she was killed but without disclosing that she was working for a greater evil coming from beyond.


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