Caelestis Nailo

"Death's Mistress"



South of the city state of Bahest, where the Dry March and Cascade Mountains begin to pinch the habitable land to a narrow sliver lies a temple dedicated to the Raven Queen, Het-lot. Flanked by the eternal winter of snow capped peaks to the west and the bone dry expanses of sand to the east disciples of the Raven Queen use the temple of Het-lot as a training ground and staging point for expeditions to return the undead of the Dragonic Wastelands to their god’s grasp. The temple supplied itself through farming what fertile land surrounded the temple grounds and selling their strength as guards to caravans wishing to travel into the desert expanses for any reasons.

It was at this training ground for Clerics and Paladins, this proving ground for Invokers, that a young human girl named Caelestis discovered dusty tomes locked away in the back of the libraries that spoke of the suppressed Prayers of the Avengers. Studying the tomes fervently, the young woman kept her hopes and dreams secreted away from her instructors, knowing they would view her desire as hubris to be expunged. It was not until years later at the ritual for her trial of investiture that Caelestis broke with tradition and demanded to serve the Raven Queen as an Avenger. Her superiors, seeing Caelestis’s acclamations as nothing but pride and folly, but being bound by the traditions of the ritual already begun, set the upstart disciple’s trial to be not only so difficult as to prove she was unworthy but also so dangerous that she would not survive.

Armed with a blade and armored by nothing but a thin robe and her faith Caelestis was set loose deep in the temple’s catacombs. Undead rabble had been captured from the Draconic Wastelands for the trial and as the shambling wretches closed in on the young woman she fell back into a dark room. The flickering of her torch lit the dusty, long forgotten frame of a construct; a unmoving Warforged. With moaning death at the doorstep Caelestis murmured a prayer and pressed a symbol of her god to the metal man. Power flowed, sparking in the young woman and investing her forever with the divine, and echoed throughout the Warforged, powering and activating it, reawakening the dormant life within it.

With the rising sun of the next morning Caelestis emerged from the catacombs, bloody but alive, and followed by the towering frame of the Warforged to which she owed her life; Ten.

Caelestis Nailo

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