Ashia Treme

Elven agent of the Raven Queen


Losing her parents at a young age, Ashia had become familiar with the Raven Queen since she was a child. She felt warmed by the local clerics of the Queen as they helped her through a difficult time, ensuring her the Queen would properly see her parents on their way. Seeing the kindness and how the local church greatly helped out those who had lost loved ones, she joined up in hopes of giving and helping those in a similar situation to hers.

Time passed as she grew up in the church and found her calling not only in helping the locals but also in helping against the enemies of her church. The church learned that Ashia was a viable combatant and soon began giving her some of the more difficult missions. In 238 UA, when Ashia was at the age of 23, the church had learned that the black dragon Ravekai had started to come to power and was using necromantic magic in some of his cults. Learning of one in particular where they were creating warforged in their attempts to master the knowledge of life and death, Ashia was dispatched with orders to shut the place down.

Ashia infiltrated the enclave with ease and gained the trust of the warforged, Ten included. With their help she lead a revolt against the cult (( see Ten backstory for more info )). It is believed she was successful as there is currently a monastery to the Raven Queen at the location in present day. However, exact details of the events are generally unknown as records from that time period are not well kept.

Her current whereabouts and how successful her revolt actually was is unknown. Ten currently believes her to be alive, though aged to 146, but there has been no new info discovered.

Ashia Treme

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