Alexus Salvador

Elan leader of the Guardian's Peak facility


A former Half-Elven Elan, Alexus Salvador has been placed in charge of the Guardian’s Peak facility by the Vanguard Foundation. Like all Elan, she appears to be physically near perfect, her body being a psionically constructed perfect self image at the time of her transformation. She doesn’t feel shy about wearing outfits that accentuate her body either, favoring a certain white coat worn open over blue, fancy dresses. Like most Elan, Alexus is driven to drive out the threat to the world that is the Far Realm and her work with Vanguard is her latest step on that path.

While at the facility she is constantly shadowed by her assistant, Savatri.

Her true age and origin is a topic of much rumor and hearsay around Guardian’s Peak. Some predict she is a young Elan, still within the normal life span of a Half-Elf. Others say Savatri is her assistant and friend because only a Deva would live long enough to be a constant in her life for how long she’s been alive. She’s never divulged where she’s from, but many assume Riddel.

Alexus speaks in a soft, calculated sentences, and is slow to irritate or agitate.

Alexus Salvador

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