Heroes of the Sky

5 - What a bitch...

((Player Ten DMed this session. DM machvergil played Letharyis Skyedge. Ten’s character sat out for the adventure. Player Sin (Sintera Barona) was sadly not able to make it. ))

After thanking the party once again for bringing him back to life, Capt. Raptor gathers them together to discuss their next plan of action. Claudia and Ken explain that while Gahzrital has been fairly lenient on their “free time”, he has been on their asses about pursuing the the Compass. Unfortunately they have little leads and are forced to accept a lead from someone they would not normally want to get aid from, an eladrin Lydia Sareal. Due to some incidents in the pasts the Skystrider and her have not been on good terms but the captain believes there is no reason to distrust her. Rook makes some comments about her and the captain explains more then anything Lydia is just a stuck up bitch but shouldn’t harm them. He explains she has taken up residence in the town of Oldsbek. However Oldsbek has not been all that trustful of outsiders nor arcane magic users. Due to this Ten sits out since they believe he will cause a ruckus as most people believe warforged to be of arcane construction from wizards. Sin also volunteers to stay behind to protect the ship in case of an attack.

The Skystrider parks outside of town and the away party heads into Oldsbek. While most of the townsfolk look a bit suspicious of the outsiders, they are able to acquire some knowledge from a fellow dwarf adventurer of where Lydia might be. They learn a blacksmith by the name of Grum has info on where she might be and points them in the general direction of his shop. The party makes their way out but soon discover they are being followed. Ducking behind an alley, they stop a pair of half-orcs who were following them. The party questions them but they go on their way. Ash, still suspicious, transforms and rolls out in house cat form and follows them. He discovers the two half-orcs meeting up with the dwarf the party encountered earlier and overhears them talking about ambushing the party later. Ash catches up with the party as they reach the blacksmith and informs them to be ready.

Caelestis and Letharyis talks shop with the blacksmith, Grum, and he eventually warms up to the crew. He explains she lives in a house just outside of town and gives them directions. With information in hand the party sets out. Shortly there after though the party runs into the dwarf from earlier and his pals. After a tough battle (with a good act of Norlan pretending to be a shaman ) they dispatch of the dwarf, half-orcs, and eladrins and foot it out before the local authorities discover them.

Reaching Lydia’s house, with little trouble thanks to the directions, the party has a brief battle with Lydia’s guard “dogs” before being escorted inside by her servant, Richard. The crew takes a seat in her house and discover that Lydia has apparently aged to that of a 12 year old in appearance. Lydia explains that awhile ago she had a brief run in with a wizard, who happened to be attempting a take over of the town, who placed a curse on her that aged her body. With that explanation, she tells the party that she requires some items that her father put in storage long ago in the catacombs underneath her estate. However the catacombs have degraded and have had monsters move in since that time and requires the party to go there to get a spellbook and a sword. She says if they couldn’t perform this task then there would be no point sending them out after the Compass. Richard gives them a map of the catacombs and some other provisions to assist them. After a good night’s rest, with most of the party sleeping outdoors with the exception of Norlan as they are still distrustful of Lydia, the party heads into the catacombs.

The party eventually makes their way through the catacombs following an underground river, battling crocodiles and a gelatinous cube. A chasm with two odd trees on either side slows them down but after a brief battle with some ghosts they acquire a ritual to help them across. A final showdown with more oozes and some carrion crawlers that had taken up residence is easily handled after the party funnels the large creatures into a short corridor. With them out of the way they acquire the book and sword from the storage area. They briefly think about making away with the possessions but know they need the info and while Lydia is a bitch she can back up her claims of power.

The party makes their way back to the house and Lydia thanks them for their assistance. She holds up her end of the bargain and informs them the wizard who cursed her, a wizard by the name of Brandis Adrin, was the one who had the Compass last. She is unsure if the curse itself was created with the help of the Compass, if it’s a side effect, or if it was just something unrelated Brandis made up to piss her off. In either case, she explains to the party she was able to perform some rituals and discover that Brandis currently has taken up residence in the city of Coreta and she is far too busy with her own tasks to go after him. She informs them he has talked about the Compass but does not know if he is in possession of it currently or not. Either way, he is the next clue and should either have it or know how to get it. Lydia wishes the party dispose of him as she believes this will return her body to normal, not that the party is all that interested in that part of finding Brandis. The party questions how good this info is and Lydia reluctantly agrees that should the info be bad she would attempt to discover more info if they absolutely need it. With that information in hand they head back to the ship to plan their next move.


machvergil Dominion

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