Heroes of the Sky

16 Beta: Arcane Crystals

((Due to logistics, there are two Session 16s, one run by DM Machvergil playing Alia Dawnedge, with Ash and Eve playing. The second was run by Co-DM Dominion playing Ten, with Caelestis Nailo, Sin (Sintera Barona), and Norlan Donaaran. These games were held in person instead of online using Map-Tool as per normal

This article is about DM Dominion’s session 16. Read below for Machvergil’s session and brief introduction to both sessions.))

Rook requests that Caelestis, Norlan, Sin and Ten acquire a rare cystal by the name of Phase Crystal whilst Alia, Ash and Eve acquire the Spirit Timber. Rook informs Caelestis’s group that the Phase Crystal, while rare in this plane of reality is easier found in the Shadowfell. However it is still hard to come by but the Vanguard Foundation has been able to strike a deal with a town in the Shadowfell by the name of Duskvale that has a surplus of the rare crystal and is willing to trade. Wishing to spare no time, the group boards the Gungnir to make the trip westward and plane shift to the Shadowfell.

After a short travel, the party arrives at the town of Duskvale. The town is of average size for a trade port on a lake. The Gungnir lands and Rook with the Vanguard crews help moors the ship to the dock. A tiefling approaches the ship with a bodyguard escort. He introduces himself as Morthos, the town’s commerce director, and is glad to see they have made the trip safely. Morthos informs the party that the crystal, still being uncommon and valuable, is currently being held in the town’s bank further in town until they arrive. Rook asks the party to head in and acquire it and sends some of the crew to go assist.

Morthos directs the party into town towards the bank while making small talk with them. However a thick fog starts to descend upon the town. In short time the fog becomes so thick that Morthos and the party get separated. Trying to get their bearings, the party notices that the Vanguard men accompanying them have also disappeared. Before they can get an idea of what has happened, they are attacked by undead creatures and what looks to be an old crazed man. The party handily dispatches the creatures and attempts to figure out where everyone is. Remembering that Morthos spoke of where the crystals are being held, they decide the best bet is to head towards the bank.

Despite the thick fog and not knowing much about the town, the party is able to discern directions and reach the bank where the crystals are being held. On their way they find no other people on the streets. However upon entering the bank they find three bearded devils guarding the vault which looks to be holding crystals. While the devils look to hold their own quite well, the party is able to take each of the devils down, weakening their defenses and ultimately killing them. Finding the crystals in the vault they also find a note stating “Protect the Phase Crystals from being disturbed. They are needed in the dark ritual.” along with a map on the back marking two locations, one being the bank.

The party heads out, wishing to stop the ritual but not sure where it is, they follow the map hoping to find more clues. Again easily finding their way around town, they get to the other marked location on the map in a warehouse. They find more Phase Crystals along with another note stating “We are performing the ritual at the town hall. Do not bring these crystals unless requested for.” Content with knowing the location, they stash the crystals on their person and depart. However before getting out they are attacked by two shadowy guards riding Nightmare steeds. The steeds prove to be a bit of trouble but are taken down by the party with one assassin escaping.

Being able to back track to the town hall, the party enters to find two more assassins guarding a Maw of Acamar in the middle of a ritual. They notice more of the crystals being used in the ritual and the maw warns the party to leave. Finding the notion to be silly, the party attacks the unearthly creature. While the maw proves to be a worthy opponent they are able to take him and the ritual down before any more damage is done. Removing the crystals from the circle, the ritual seems to fade, as well as the fog from the town.

The party searches the town hall to find any more clues on what has happened but find nothing. They however head outside to find Morthos, the guards, and Rook surrounded by corpses of devils and undead creatures. While there are a few casualties most are unharmed. Morthos explains that he became separated and couldn’t find any clue of them or their guards. Rook tells a similar story of a dense fog setting in and not being able to find anyone and fought his way into town with some guards help. While unsure of what has happened Morthos is thankful for the party’s help in dispatching the maw from the town and stopping the ritual. He gives a discount to the Vanguard for the assistance and brings extra help in moving any remaining crystals back to the ship.

The town safe and the trade complete, the team plane shifts and heads back to Guardian’s Peak.


machvergil Dominion

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