Heroes of the Sky

16 - Appeasing the Totem

((Due to logistics, there are two Session 16s, one run by DM Machvergil playing Alia Dawnedge, with Ash and Eve playing. The second was run by Co-DM Dominion playing Ten, with Caelestis Nailo, Sin (Sintera Barona), and Norlan Donaaran. These games were held in person instead of online using Map-Tool as per normal

This article is about DM Machvergil’s session 16)).

Two days passed after our heroes’ return from the Brandis Estate. Though there are experts at Guardian’s Peak who could read Deep Speech, the texts of interests were also encoded in a simple cypher. While there’s no question they will translate it, it will still take time.

During these two days, Hadron Rook drew up blueprints for an improved Arcane-Primal Inverter, one that would be powerful enough to end the corruption, given Ashia Treme‘s theory about it’s origin is correct. However, for the device to be powerful enough, he required some very particular resources to construct the improved device. While he assembled a team to collect one element, Alia Dawnedge lead the other to complete a trade with the Whisperstone Tribe of shifters for some Spirit Timber, an enchanted wood often used for creating superior totems. Alia gladly took the task and asked if she could have Ash and Eve’s assistance, which they happily obliged.

Before departing, the team was made aware by Savatri that the deal made with the Whsiperstone was a bit difficult. Apparently they didn’t feel that the Spirit Timber’s was being undervalued by the Vanguard Foundation and demanded a very specific payment to be willing to part with the precious lumber. That payment was in an arcane-locked chest our heroes brought with them on their Aero Skiff. While curious of its contents, they resisted the urge to open it and proceeded directly to the trade point.

When they arrived at the lake shore by the Whisperstone forest however, no one was there to great them. After a short trek into the woods and the party was nearly ambushed by enraged Dryads. Eve spotted them and then had Alia conduct negotiations with them (since Alia was the only one of the three of them who could speak Elven). The Dryads revealed that the forest was under attack by the taint of the Far Realm, which filled Alia with determination. She got drew her sword and kneeled before the Dryads, swearing to them that she would not leave until this evil was purged. Ash and Eve followed suit, drawing their weapons and demonstrating their dedication as well. The dryads were swayed and granted upon the three of them a boon that would allow them to more easily damage any aberrant foes who stood before them.

With the Dryad’s blessing they proceeded further into the forest, stumbling upon a group of shifters lying in ambush. The shifters, terrified by the events of the previous night and suspicious of any outsiders, were dubious of the party, but Eve and Ash used their fame as members of the Gargant Tribe and their dedication to helping their people to convince the Shifters they not only meant no harm, but also would gladly assist in their plight. A hunting party of 10 shifters joined our heroes and they went in search of the main hunting party who left last night to end the corruption at its source.

The team was ambushed by a pair of raging foulspawn, who began tearing the shifters apart. Our heroes handily contained them however, and they were able to save all but 1 of the shifters who fell in that fight and they pressed on. Finally they found the first Spirit Timber tree, and around it discovered a Foulspawn Seer and his minions, created from the corpses of last night’s hunting party. At his feet lay the defeated champion of the Whipserstones, breathing some of his last breaths. Our heroes sprung into action, Alia directing the shifters to move for a surrounding action while charging towards the tentacled beats and the Seer. Ash’s lightning strikes and the shifter hunters made short work of the horrific minions, while Alia leaped into action against the Seer and Eve healed the shifter’s champion, causing him to spring back into action and enter the fray. The Seer, confident in its success, teleported behind them and unleashed a horrid attack that destroyed half of the supporting shifters. They then had their revenge, impailing the Seer with their javelins several times, leaving him more than weak enough for our heroes to defeat the Foulspawn leader. With their leader dead, there was no one left to continue to spread the corruption and the forest was saved.

The Whipserstone shifters thanked our heroes for their life saving efforts, granting them rest for the night and a small party in their honor. The following day they rested as the shifters prepared an entire tree’s worth of Spirit Timber to take back to Guardian’s peak. In exchange our heroes gave the shifter’s their payment. The chest contained a Spirit Wolf, the son of the spirit who once protected these forests. It had been lost, and was now found thanks to the Vanguard foundation, and now returned to the forest. It was only such a payment that they would be willing to part with as much Spirit Timber as Rook needed to complete the device.

Their mission accomplished, our heroes returned to Guardian’s peak.


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