Heroes of the Sky

Insanity's Foot-soldiers

((The players for Eve, Sin (Sintera Barona), and Norlan Donaaran, were all absent for this session. Due to the lack of leader, DM machvergil played Hadron Rook as a PC and switched Alia Dawnedge into NPC mode))

((This adventure was designed for four players, consisted of 5 encounters: 1 RP, 2 combat, 2 skill. It totaled in ?? XP, raising the party to level 13))

((Note: Some details will be fleshed out when I can work on this from home)).

Our adventure began in Alexus Salvador‘s office, where the Elan spoke to the party regarding the recent events between themselves and the Seven Sisters. She explained to the party that Savatri had made her aware of their efforts to track down the saboteurs plaguing Guardian’s Peak, but not whom she suspected they were. Had she known the heroes of The most recent Battle of Bahest were suspect, she might have intervened. The party gave her the impression that this was so much water under the bridge at this point, Ten going as far as to say “I believe the expression is ‘Shit happens.’”

Alexus then went on to prepare our heroes for the maiden voyage of Guardian’s Peak’s newest airship, constructed by Hadron Rook himself. The goal was to have Rook captain the ship, while the party would serve as his officers. Unlike on the Skystrider, this airship would be staffed by several Vanguard agents, allowing the party to not worry about the ship when they are aboard it, as well as giving them some support staff to draw from. Alexus pointed out also that she wants Alia Dawnedge to serve as the ship’s first mate so that they can deflect any political criticism they may gain for having an Acktavian captain by appointing a Riddel first mate. Caelestis Nailo displays barely contained excitement at the news of Rook’s new project.

Rook then takes the party down to the docks to introduce them to the new ship. He mentions the only missing piece is the name, and mentions he couldn’t settle on anything he liked more than Skystrider II which felt too cliche to him. He and the party eventually settled on Gungnir, a reference to a weapon wielded by a god slain during the Dawn War ((Which, IRL, references Odin’s Spear)). Happy with the name, our party boarded the ship and made with the journey. Caelestis drove, Sin (Sintera Barona) became head chef, and the rest of the party felt their way around, including Ash who jumped on Rook’s bed just to annoy him. Caelestis’ driving worked fine, aside from a moment where she rushed off to hand Alia a magic scabbard she no longer had use for, leaving a confused Ten take the wheel with comical results.

Shortly after take off, Rook and Alia had a brief confrontation. Rook attempted to break the ice between them by getting their respective national stereotypes out of their system, but the exchange left Alia quite angry after he refereed to her as a “Mutt.” Rook insisted the comment was a joke, pointing to his collaboration with Ash and Eve to prove any preconceived notions Alia might have of his “racism” would be unfounded. While the the conversation ended in Rook’s favor, Alia still smoldered with an unexpressed irritation at Rook’s ‘mutt’ comment, choosing to “take the high road” rather than start a conflict.

Caelestis received a distress signal from a Vanguard outpost that was under attack. The outpost claimed that they had important research to protect, but that they would be overrun shortly. The party then resolved to head to this outpost, and try and save those they could. Upon arriving they found it under attack by Foulspawn – humanoids corrupted by the touch of the Far Realm. Alia seemed both enraged and excited at the sight of them, and became quite eager to engage them. The party formed a plan to break up onto two groups, one that would fight off the invasion on the ground, and another to enter the facility and rescue who and what they could. The assault party was lead by Alia, backed up by Eve, Sin, and Norlan as well as a handful of Vanguard Marines. The rescue party was lead by Rook and backed up by Caelstis, Ten, and Ash.

The rescue party then descended a 50 foot broken elevator shaft (not without taking some falling damage), and fought a group of foulspawn in a trapped room with crushing walls and ceilings. They searched the research they found for clues as to what the team here was building, finding new rituals for Ash in the process as well, including Raise Dead. Finally our heroes confronted a group of powerful fowulspawn about to slay the last of the survivors and defeated them. They rescued two dwarven defenders and a dragonboard researcher named Avaok. Hidden in the room with them was a prototype techno-magic device that withdrew nearby arcane power to empower nearby primal spirits. The device would only work in a small area, and a much more powerful version would have to be built if it stood any prayer of saving the Dry March. It was built using the foundations of an Airship core, and as such was much to large to carry out of the facility with a broken elevator. It was decided they would have to disassemble the device and then reassemble it at Guardian’s Peak.

Avaok suggested that they try to raise key researchers from the dead to assist them in this endeavor, but this lead to an outcry from one of the dwarves who didn’t understand why they would raise the researchers and not all those who were lost in the facility. This notion that death should be so easily reversed caused consternation in Ten and Caelestis, and Ten issued to both the dwarf and Rook the warning that The Raven Queen would not approve of mass raising the whole base. Not sure what to do, Rook was caught in a moment of conflict, as the Dwarf got closer and closer to wanting to fight Ten over the idea of not raising his dead friends. Finally, Alia reminded Rook of his station as captain, and reassured him that it was his job to make the decision, and that the crew would honor it. Rook resolved to raise the key researchers and bring any others who might be save-able aboard, but their ultimate fate would be left in the hands of the gods and if Alexus was willing to spend the resources.

With that resolved, our party boarded Gungnir and returned to Guardian’s Peak.


machvergil machvergil

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