Heroes of the Sky

An Old Acquaintance

Session 13

((Sin (Sintera Barona)’s player joined half way through this session. Session included 4 encounters totaling 3,500 experience for all characters.))

With Miria‘s warning fresh in their minds the party struck out into the outpost cave. The cave appeared to be a natural structure. The only sign of stonework done to it was to place crude brackets for torches. In the first widening in the cave the party encountered a group of ogres. Ten and Alia formed a wall of steel in a tight passageway and taunted the ogres into charging. Unable to make their way past the heavily armored duo and channeled into a tight passage, the ogres were shredded by blasts of magic and blades from the party. The party next encountered a group of two-headed ettins along with a small contingent of guards from Guardian’s Peak. Attempts to lure these beasts into a similar trap as the ogres fell for failed when the guards recognized the danger and directed the ettins to hurl large rocks at the party until they broke and charged. Despite this the ettins and their handlers met the same fate as the ogres. One of the guards attempted to flee during the fighting, telling the ettins to “Kill the intruders while I go warn the mistress” but he did not survive to tell anyone.

Sin, who had been left with the wounded Sisters and their guard contingent, found the party in the cave at this point, warning them that the guards had spotting an unknown force approaching from the southeast. Miria had asked Sin to tell the party to hurry and finish their business in the cave in case those approaching were hostile.

In the next chamber the party found a mixed group of an ettin, two ogres, several guards, and a figure they recognized from two years ago. Cindy, it seemed, was in charge of the traitors and their brutish allies. The Acktavian ranted briefly about how she suffered after the party left her in Eursia and how she would destroy them now before the party grew sick of the noise she was making. During the fight it became obvious that something was different about Cindy and Ash eventually figured out that she had somehow been changed into a vampire. After a long and bloody struggle (literally, since Norlan Donaaran ended up on the receiving end of a sucking from Cindy) the vampire was finally destroyed. As she breathed her last Cindy taunted that this would not save them; that something was coming from beyond the gods that would destroy them all.

An unsigned letter was found on Cindy’s body that spoke of the imminent arrival of ogre and ettin troops. The letter claimed it should give her sufficient strength to overrun Guardian’s Peak once her plans to weaken the mountain stronghold from within succeeded. Upon emerging from the cave the party found the Sisters and their guard forces pressed back nearly to the mouth of the cave by more ogres and ettins. Though the Sisters had fought valiantly and bloodied nearly all of the attackers, they were on the brink of being overwhelmed. The party was able to swiftly dispatch the wounded attackers and finally made their way back to Guardian’s Peak. Savatri thanked the party for their defense of the mountain stronghold and saving the Sisters’ lives. The deva assured the party that they had more than earned her trust now and apologize for having doubted them.


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